STEM/Engineering Family Challenges

We are excited to share engineering challenges that student’s can do at home!


September Challenge: What is STEM?

We have many students and parents ask, what is STEM? We need your help to answer that question! Let's work together to define STEM! Our school offers in-class STEM challenges and integrated lessons.

As a family create a poster that explains what each letter in STEM means. The poster can be made from printer paper, notebook paper, poster board, or anything you have around your house. Posters will be displayed for students to enjoy.

Bring your poster to school on Monday, September, 30th. We can't wait to see your creations!

Featured Projects:

October Challenge: Pumpkin Catapult

Lakeshore is ready to launch into October with our October STEM/Engineering Family Challenge. We are looking for successful pumpkin catapults to launch our candy pumpkins! Is your family ready for the challenge?

As a family create a catapult that can launch a candy pumpkin successfully. Use your knowledge on simple machines along with force and motion to launch your project ideas!

We can't wait to see your projects on Thursday, October 31st!

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November Challenge: Catch that Turkey!

Turkeys have escaped at Lakeshore! Can your family help us round them up?

As a family create a turkey trap to help us catch those runaway turkeys! But wait........our turkeys can spot a trap so be sure to use repurposed items in your house to camoflauge your traps.

We can't wait to see your projects on Friday, November 29th!

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December Challenge: Create a Jingle Bell Maze

All of our students here at Lakeshore love the book The Polar Express. In the story the magical bell is given as the first Christmas present. The adventure is to bring the bell back from the North Pole. We would like our elementary engineers to create a Jingle Bell Maze from the North Pole to our home in North Carolina. 

As a family create a jingle bell maze with household items! How many twists and turns will your jingle bell take? 

We can't wait to see your projects on Thursday, December 19th!

Featured Projects: