3rd Grade

Third Grade Staff

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Third Grade Essential Curriculum

Read to Achieve Information

Pirate News Volume 1

2022-2023 SUPPLY LIST/ 3rd Grade         

Supplies that each student needs to bring on the first day of school:
  • # 2 pencils (48) **Ticonderoga brand preferred                 

  • Glue sticks (4)

  • One pair of scissors

  • 24 Pkg. of crayons 

  • Colored pencils

  • One zippered pencil pouch (NO BOXES)

  • Wide-ruled loose leaf notebook paper (2 packs)

  • 2 One-subject composition notebook, wide rule 

  • 4 Plastic Folders with pockets (Colors: yellow, green, blue, purple)  

  • A 1 inch 3-ring binder (pockets in front and back)

  • 1 Pack of Fine Point Expo dry erase markers

  • 1 pack Broad Tip Expo dry erase markers

  • 2 large box of tissues 

  • Disinfecting wipes (optional)

  • 12 oz. bottle of hand sanitizer (optional)

  • Girls: Sandwich or Snack size Ziploc Bags

  • Boys: Gallon or Quart size Ziploc Bags

  • Markers (optional)

 When your child begins class there may be a few other supplies requested by the teacher.

Required Supplies for Enhancement Classes

Art:  All students should be dressed appropriately to paint on Art days. Students in grades 3-5 need one black sharpie (fine point) to donate to the art room for class.

PE:  All students should wear tennis shoes for running on PE days.  (No sandals, boots, or flip flops.) Kinders need a large white T-shirt to wear for enhancements over their regular shirts.  

Media:  Nothing required at this time.  

Music:  Recorders for 4th and 5th grade only (May be purchased online for $4.00).  

Science: Students Kindergarten through 5th Grade need a composition notebook to use during instruction.

  • For the Enhancement Teachers to share, please send the following items:  Tissues, Hand Sanitizer (optional), Pencils, Elmer’s Glue Sticks, Masking Tape (Art),Gallon/Sandwich/Snack size baggies, Cleaning and/or Hand Wipes (optional), and Index Cards (small and large)

*Bus schedules will be available in the Front Office